7 top ideas to make or break your regular habit

Habits are intrinsic to human behaviour – some good and others not. Gradually, these habits transform into almost automatic behaviour patterns without much forethought. Each one of us likely harbours those specific routines that we’d like to eliminate or intensify further.

Rather than grappling with what counts as good versus bad habitual tendencies, it’s important to acknowledge that views on these matters vary from person to person.

Usually, it takes around four weeks for newly established patterns of behaviour to become routine habits ingrained in daily life. Here are some easy steps in fostering positive actions within yourself:

  • 1. The initial step lies in framing a personal goal- especially when discarding any existing undesirable routines. Conversely, employing positive phrasing enhances your objective – for example, instead of refraining from junk food, go ahead and embrace nutrient-rich meal options instead! Jog writing down your objective as this reinforces commitment while sharing ambitions enables additional support.

  • 2. Identify your substitute behaviour (if you aim to develop a new habit, then this substitute practice becomes the primary goal). It stands out as crucial while attempting to negate old behavioural patterns. One must identify an alternative route to avoid slipping back into older behavioural loops time and again.

  • 3. Recognize and stay aware of your triggers. Behaviours are often interconnected with other aspects of your routine. For example, when snacking, the trigger could be watching television or reading at night. You may automatically reach for a bag of potato chips while watching TV. Smokers frequently light up after a meal. Reflect on when and why you engage in the behavior you wish to discontinue.

  • 4. Use reminders to reinforce your commitment. You can achieve this by placing notes where the behaviour usually occurs. Sticky notes can be used to write reminders on your laptop screen, computer monitor, television screen, mirror, notice board, refrigerator, or any other place where you regularly encounter them. Alternatively, you can request a family member or colleague to remind you of your goal using a specific phrase.

  • 5. Seek assistance and support from someone else. It is evident that any task becomes easier with help. This is particularly effective if you can partner with someone who shares the same goal.

  • 6. Write daily affirmations. Write a phrase or sentence in the present tense as if it has already happened, and repeat it ten times a day for twenty-one days. This practice helps integrate your goal into your subconscious mind, reminding you to practice new behaviours while maintaining focus and motivation.

  • 7. Celebrate your achievements at specific intervals. While focusing on the daily goal, take pleasure in small rewards at one, three, and six-month milestones. The rewards need not be extravagant or costly, and it is beneficial if they are related to your goal. This provides additional motivation and incentives.

  • It is important to note that these steps do not guarantee success. Depending on the habit, it may require several attempts to effect a change. However, with perseverance, it is achievable. As mentioned earlier, over time, habits naturally transform into behaviors.


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