7 easy steps to overcome shyness and gain confidence

It takes practice to win the war on shyness, but the benefits of improved self-assurance are well worth the time and energy. Imagine waking up with a positive self-image, ready to take on the day with the assurance that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Many people struggle with shyness and lack of confidence, and hundreds of articles, blogs, books, posts, and novels have been written on the topic. To help you get over your shyness, here are six methods:

  • 1. Get up in front of a mirror first thing in the morning and declare aloud, “I feel so good!” I’m in fantastic shape. Excellent; in fact, you should say this to yourself at least ten times a day so that it becomes ingrained in your mind. Start by hiding out in the loo if you’re feeling uncomfortable. The end product will blow your mind.

  • 2. Take pride in who you are. Dress to impress. Take better care of your clothes. You’ll feel more proud of yourself and confident as a result. If you know you look well, you’ll feel better about yourself and be more convincing to others that you’re worth getting to know.

  • 3. Every day, you should take a calculated risk. Taking risks and beating your fears is a great way to boost your confidence and sense of worth. It’s best to ease into new challenges by taking baby steps and facing your fears individually. Nothing is out of your reach. Know that change is for your own good and will help you develop and gain self-assurance.

  • 4. Tell folks you’re shy while you’re talking to them one-on-one or delivering a speech in front of a vast audience. They won’t be able to spread you around the incorrect way, and you’ll probably get invited to join a conversation you’ve been listening to but would like to add.

  • 5. After a conversation in a boisterous environment, many people, including myself, got into difficulty. Say, “I can’t hear you” if you’re having trouble, and try again later. Openness and honesty are highly regarded by society. Sincere individuals will naturally gravitate toward you.

  • 6. Most people will encounter rejection at some point in their lives. In most cases, this is not what you are turning down. If you asked someone out and they said no, it’s essential to remember that everyone has different tastes. One’s preferences for romantic partners might be pretty specific. The same holds true for other people, and it’s likely that you’re not their cup of tea. Which one does not lower your status? Take it on faith that you will eventually triumph. If someone rejects you, remember that it has nothing to do with who you are and everything to do with your own preferences. The right to refuse someone based on personal preferences is a two-way street.

  • 7. Take up a pastime that helps you unwind and do things that make you happy and thrilled about life. Anything from horticulture to Tai Chi Karate counts. Learn an instrument, improve at one you already know, or start singing classes. Take some chances on something that excites you. The best medicine for shame is finding what makes you happy.

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