Poison in my kitchen

Poison in my kitchen

Do you know why there is an increase in PCOD/PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), Thyroid, Liver problem and Cancer these days? You are serving poison to your family. Did you ever think why there is an increase in the number of cancer patients? Why most of the kids are being diagnosed with cancer? It’s because of you. That’s true you heard it right. You are destroying your own family. You are killing them. How? The answer lies in our kitchen.

It has been observed that one out of the four suffers either from PCOD/PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), Thyroid, Liver problem or Cancer and it has become so common these days.

Based on the studies and several pieces of evidence, I’ll discuss 5 things which should be thrown away from the kitchen right now. If not all, at least the above four health problems can be avoided. I’ll not only discuss the problems but will discuss the solutions as well.

1. “Non-stick cookware” — The most dangerous of all in this list. 90% of urban homes use non-stick cookware. Non-stick cookware is been coated with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) brand name Teflon coating which can harm our brain and lungs severely. Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) popularly known as C8 also considered a major environmental pollutant which is used in making PTFE coating or Teflon coating. In lab tests, when food was tested in high flames, the result was shocking. The fumes when tested showed heavy metals like Cadmium and Mercury. These heavy metals can cause severe health problems and even early death. After several types of research and lab tests, it has been found that there are possibilities of PFOA causing several types of cancer like testicular cancer, kidney cancer, thyroid cancer, as well as it has links to prostate cancer, bladder cancer and ovarian cancer.

So what is the way out?

Solution: Instead of using Non-stick Cookware, we can switch to Cast iron cookware products which are easily available in the market.



2. “Aluminium Utensils” — Also known as the “Slow poison accumulator”. Do you know how Aluminium reached our kitchen? Aluminium is very cheap, abundant and very convenient to maintain. You’ll be amazed to know that during the British rule, prisoners were served food in Aluminium plates, bowls and glass, considering the disadvantages of Aluminium which works as a slow poison. It slowly accumulated in your body and creates severe problems to kidneys, lungs and whatnot. An experiment shows that an Aluminium pressure cooker was weighed and then used regularly for cooking for four years. After four years it was weighed again. What a surprising result it showed. The weight reduced by 35%. When Aluminium heated it gets mixed with our food and gets accumulated in our body which in the long run creates serious health issues.

So how to solve this issue?

Solution: Instead of using Aluminium Utensils, we need to switch to Stainless Steel Utensils as it is free from harmful materials which Aluminium Utensils carry.


Poisons From Aluminum Cookware

3. “Aluminium foils” — Another “Slow poison accumulator”. Nowadays most of the families have adapted Alimunium foil to keep their food warm. As per WHO (World Health Organization), only 50 mg of Aluminium is permissible for the consumption of Aluminium in a human body. Whereas we consume 1–2 mg Aluminium on every foil we use to pack food. You might be having the best healthy food but do you think it will remain healthy if it is packed in Aluminium foil? No, it will not. When you pack hot food in Aluminium foil, the harmful chemicals within the Aluminium foil gets mixed in the food. If we consume Aluminium too much then our body is not capable to consume Zinc which plays a very important role in developing our Bone density and stimulate our brain.

So what should be the alternative for this?

Solution: The best option is pure cotton cloth or butter paper.


Dangers Of Aluminum Foil

4. “Plastic box, plate and Plastic bottles” — almost all of us are aware of the harm that plastic causes. Still knowing we tend to use it. Government has taken many initiatives and spread awareness but we tend to ignore it. Plastic contains a toxic material known as BPA (Bisphenol A). The manufacturers have become smart and they have made a counter tag “BPA Free”. Here comes the truth, they have stopped using BPA but started using BPS (Bisphenol S) which is equally toxic rather more toxic. This affects our hormones, immunity and can also make us obese. How? When we heat our food in plastic box and plates, it decreases the insulin sensitivity of our body and increases the glucose level of our body which in turn increases the blood sugar within our body. This turns into fat cells and increases obesity which in the long run creates heart problems and Diabetes.

So what do we do?
Solution: We can replace it with glass or stainless steel box, plates and bottles.



5. “Refined oil” — No, this not here in this list by mistake. Never expected “refined oil” in this list as you have seen many advertisements by big brands about its health-improving capabilities, correct? So you thought it is the safest oil to use and improve your immunity isn’t it? Have you ever thought why we term it as refined oil? While processing this oil, it is refined with acid and deodorized through chemical like Hexanol to eradicate its unbearable pungent smell. Researchers mentioned that if refined oil is used for a longer period then it can raise the level of triglycerides which is responsible for artery as well as heart blockage and it can also cause cancer. When refined oil is heated at high temperature, it gets oxidized and transforms into “Trans Fat”. We all know how harmful “Trans Fat” is for our body. So next time before using “refined oil” always consider the harmful effects of it.

So what is the solution to it?
Solution: Switch to Mustard Oil. There is an end number of benefits to it. (a) It helps reducing cholesterol. (b) It’s rich in anti-oxidants ( c) Less saturated fat.


The harmful effects of consumption of repeatedly heated edible oils

Are Vegetable and Seed Oils Bad for Your Health?

It’s time to act and not to think any further. Throw away these 5 poisons from your kitchen and save your family. After all, prevention is better than cure.


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