The Magic of Storytelling


Every day that we build our business, we all know that the key to a successful presentation is a product that is sold to the end consumer and/or sponsored to a new person. In the next instalment, I will write about the difference between selling and customer loyalty in the sales process. In the process of selling, you fight against many different types of animals. For most of us in direct sales, you have 45 minutes to present a product/business concept and get the person to believe in you, your product, and most importantly, make them decide, what you are offering is actually what they want.

When you represent a business, it is very easy for you to obtain accurate information and completely lose the interest of potential clients. When you tell a story about the success of someone using a product or ask the person to speak live about how much they enjoy being a distributor, you will retain the interest of new people hearing you for the first time.

For most of us, for the first time in our lives, the concept of a live audience was introduced in kindergarten, when we played “show and tell.” Everyone has always been interested in what you say because you are only telling a story. Most of us have heard of the famous K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short and Simple) formula or rule: Make it silly. When presenting your business or product, the key is to tell the story and keep it simple. Everyone can treat a grandmother who can speak of her grandson as the most beautiful and precious child in the world. She will make you feel that her grandson will be as much a gift like yours. You need to take that same simplicity and use it during your presentation to achieve the same result – ownership of your product.

When you tell stories, people will remember those stories, not all the facts in the world. There is a very old saying, “THE FACTS SAY IT BUT THE STORIES ARE FOR SALE.” People whom you indulge must have faith in you and must be willing to participate in your business or buy your product because of all the success stories you have told them. The truth is, people love to be praised and being part of the winning team. Storytelling connects people with you and your presentation. I always say that when in doubt during a presentation, tell a story so people will come back to you. When I act I ALWAYS tell a lot of stories because when I was first introduced to direct selling, I was struck by the story of a young woman who led the lifestyle I wanted. The personal history of her lifestyle prompted me to decide to start a business. In this business, I built a huge organization and all I did was tell my story and tell the story of the company over and over again.

By combining a key storytelling strategy with the right mindset, you can make your wildest dreams come true!

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