Books should be selected as friends

“Friend” is a term that has multiple definitions. A friend has loads of different responsibilities, too. It is a very well-known proverb: “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” It is then implied that a person or something that helps you when you are in trouble or facing a problem can be your friend.

People often misunderstand an acquaintance as a friend. Anyone whom you know not necessarily can be termed as your friend. A friend makes sacrifices to help you when you are in distress. He puts his own interests in the back to help you out of your problems. So, it is not an easy job to become a friend and fulfil the responsibilities of friendship when the situation so demands.

Friends are affectionate toward each other. They forget about their egos and trust each other, even with secrets that no one else can know. It is the most important relationship in a person’s life, as a friend helps a friend succeed and be respectable in society.

Therefore, you need to be very selective when choosing a friend. If a good and true friend can take you to the world of goodness and success, a wrong one can ruin your life with so many vices you can have from him. In fact, anyone who can harm you by pretending to be your friend can be termed as your worst enemy.

Can a book be your friend?

Yes, and a thousand times Yes. A book is the best friend in a person’s life. Many of the top-class elites and laureates have books as their constant companions. A book does what a true friend can do at the time of your distress. It can show you the way out of the situation. Moreover, a book can guide you to ways in which you will never be in distress.

But as with everything else in this world, books can also be good or bad. A good book will help you to become a good person, and a bad book will lead you to a disastrous life. Good books show you light when you search for solutions in utter darkness. Bad books take you to the dark world of devilish activities.

It makes it very necessary to choose your books very carefully. Some great writers have created masterpieces in the form of books to help you excel in your life. There is no such subject or branch in life that does not feature as a book for you to read and learn. You can have religious books showing you ways to reach God, science, philosophy, language, and how to lead a life to become a better person. The list is endless.

Similarly, you have mountains of books that can lead to the darkness of hell, making you a bad person and keeping you under the illusion that whatever is written in that book is the best thing possible in life. It would help if you were very careful while choosing a friend, and that includes choosing a book for you.

A good friend can help you build your life, and a bad friend can easily destroy it. A bad friend is not a friend at all. Similarly, a good book can help you build your life, and a bad book can make you destroy it. You have to be very selective to choose your friend. A friend is a helping hand, and you also get help from a good book when you need help.

Be very selective while choosing a book, as you should become selective when choosing a friend. You cannot afford to make mistakes in selecting a book or friends because it involves your life and maybe the lives of your family members. You can seek help from your trusted friends while you make the selection if you are not that clear in making a decision. But be very selective about books and your friends, as they are the builders of your life.


  • Prof. Pinaki Munshi

    Prof. Pinaki Munshi is a retired Associate Professor from a prestigious management college in Indore. He holds a Masters degrees in Life Science from Jawaharlal Nehru University, English literature from Guru Ghasidas University, Bilaspur, and Business Management from Sriram School of Business Economics. His passion for writing led to the publication of his blogs in multiple countries. With a deep love for language, Prof. Pinaki Munshi continues to pursue his writing endeavors even after retirement.

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  1. I recently read the article “Books should be selected as friends” and was impressed by how well the author explained the importance of choosing books carefully.

  2. I’ve always believed that the books we read can have a significant impact on our lives, and this article confirmed that belief.

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