Change is the only permanent thing in this world

How true! There is nothing more accurate than this statement. It is not a philosophical statement. It is purely scientific. Change is an eternal process. Since the world came into existence, it has been changing. The world was way different when it was born, but now it has an entirely different setup. If we can move into the past when the world is created, we may not be able to recognise our good old mother, Earth.

It is not true only in the case of our world. It is valid for every planet in our universe. It is true for our Galaxy and many more zillions of galaxies beyond even our imagination. Every planet revolves on its axis and revolves around a central star. In our case, it is the Sun. Every universe has a Sun and similar movements are happening everywhere, maybe somewhere slower or somewhere faster. In short, nothing here is static. Every existing terrestrial body is dynamic and moving from the beginning and will keep moving until the terrestrial body perishes for some reason.

This revolution of planets has caused changes that can be scientifically termed evolution. Evolution has brought climatic changes, ecological changes, and changes in the landscape, and has given rise to life forms which changed from unicellular organisms to multicellular homo sapiens. We on Earth may call humans the ultimate form of evolution, but humans are also constantly changing physically and mentally. Humans are becoming physically smaller and brain-wise bigger. They are physically working less and less because of their inventions of machines and mentally working more to invent newer scientific gadgets to make their life easier. Humans are now in the era of Artificial Intelligence. Machines are taking over from humans every work, how so ever simple or complicated it may be. It results in the physical atrophy of human bodies with more giant heads.

Humans or Earthlings have now explored space and have reached its satellite Moon and other neighbouring planet, Mars and Venus. They have installed a space station where they can live for months doing experiments. Humans are trying to grow food in the form of cereals, vegetables, and fruits in space. They plan to build colonies on Moon and other planets where they have reached.

These developments result from changes in our planet and may be in the entire universe. This world experiences changes every day, every moment. It may be a simple change in the weather. It may be a change in seasons or our daily schedules. We cannot even often expect these changes, but these changes affect us all. We react to these changes differently, but we must accept that the only constant in our lives is these changes that are sure to happen.

But change is essential for the world to develop and move forward. It makes life more exciting. We develop ourselves in the latest eras of evolution and can expand our reach beyond our planet. Life without any change makes life dull and stagnant. But change is something that you cannot control. It has to happen may, be for better or for worse. Changes teach us new skills. We can now create life, make clones, and may make life immortal one day.

Change is basically a variation of standard ways of doing things. Changes make us invent newer methods of performing tasks essential for living on Earth. Changes make us make the methods easier and take us to the era of comfort, convenience, and advancement. Change is life. No change means no Life.


  • Prof. Pinaki Munshi

    Prof. Pinaki Munshi is a retired Associate Professor from a prestigious management college in Indore. He holds a Masters degrees in Life Science from Jawaharlal Nehru University, English literature from Guru Ghasidas University, Bilaspur, and Business Management from Sriram School of Business Economics. His passion for writing led to the publication of his blogs in multiple countries. With a deep love for language, Prof. Pinaki Munshi continues to pursue his writing endeavors even after retirement.

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