How powerful do you think a marketing and sales system is?

Marketing and sales
Marketing and sales

How powerful do you think a marketing and sales system is?

Marketing and sales

Where do most of your clients come from?

When I meet people for the primary time and that they understand that I’m a marketing consultant, I’m commonly asked, “Where do most of your clients come from?” repeatedly I think the question is asked innocently enough. But, very often I desire the person asking wants to understand if I even have a magic answer which may work for them.

Most small business owners are hooked into the services they supply — not the marketing it takes to consistently find more clients. Many service businesses will admit that they’re not really sure what works best or the way to get going with marketing.

A result is usually a scattergun approach. I refer to it as episodic marketing. It is characterized by a series of hastily planned and unfocused episodes (or campaigns). A common example is throwing together a tri-fold brochure that you simply can start mailing or handing bent everyone you meet, or sending out an immediate mail piece to try and stir up some interest.

Typically, the motivation for these marketing episodes maybe a hamper in business. And then when business picks up, you quickly scrap the present campaign (until subsequent slow down).

System and consistency

No System, No Consistency

What’s missing for many small service businesses may be a system to interrupt marketing down into a series of connected small steps. A marketing system is key to get a uniform supply of leads and convert them into new clients.


So where do most of your customers come from?

For me, the solution is that they’re coming as a result of my ABCD Growth Marketing System. The same system I’m using to assist teach my clients the way to recover, more consistent results from their marketing is that the system I’m using to create my very own business.

Having a system allows me to reliably follow simple but proven and effective processes to consistently generate leads and turn them into a business.

It is not the result of one or two great ideas or strategies. It’s breaking marketing and sales down into a series of connected strategies and tactics to realize attention from prospects and help them to become clients. The system helps move prospects forward that is able to say “Yes”, and lets those that aren’t motivated or able to make the investment advance.


Why do you need a system?

If you don’t have a marketing and sales system, you’ll never be ready to grow your business to its full potential.

Most companies solve their basic business functions using systems. You have your billing system, accounting, payroll system, and time management system. It’s likely you’ve got systems to manage client or project work. One primary business function that seems to travel without a system is Marketing.

There’s an excellent misconception that to be an efficient marketer, you would like to be creative. And most small business owners will tell me that they’re just not good at that. But I might contend that marketing should be more of a science (a system) than an art.

That’s the number one reason to have a system. Without a marketing and sales system, most service businesses find yourself reactively marketing when business is slow and stop once they are busy. This mindset usually lends itself to episodic marketing.

With a system, you’ll be better prepared to get inquiries and convert new clients all year round.

Sales and Marketing

Marketing and Sales

Notice that I’ve said you need a Marketing and Sales system. Marketing and sales are NOT the same things, but you need a system that addresses both seamlessly.

Let’s just check out the important difference between marketing and sales and why they ought to be successfully combined during a system like my ABCD Growth Marketing System.

One of the notions I hear over and once again is that Marketing is about creating name recognition or brand awareness. I would argue that these are simply welcome side-effects of selling.

When you are a small business and all of your time, energy, and money count, then what you really need is for marketing to produce a consistent stream of good quality leads. Therefore, I define marketing because of the use of strategies and tactics to get a continuous supply of high-quality leads.

Sales then are that the process(es) you employ to convert as many as possible of these high-quality leads into clients.

This is why the two should be seamlessly addressed in your system. Too many businesses jump forward to selling before a possible lead is even established as a professional prospect.

Conversely, many leads go uncultivated when there’s no means to explore the prospect and move them towards becoming a potential buyer.

A System is The Key To Reaching Your Full Business Potential

Now just imagine if you had a system to drive these vital functions in your business. A system that breaks down the marketing and sales process into smaller, more manageable, interrelated steps.

Think about your own business. Where do most of your clients come from? Is it from your marketing and sales system? And that is what it should be.


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