About Us

Upal Chakraborty landed on this planet in 1979, gaining the citizenship of India, in Kolkata (then Calcutta) to a Bengali family.

Since childhood, he started writing poems in his school magazines. His creative write-ups were always admired in his school. Slowly he started writing poems, stories, and dramas. Many acquaintances and friends approached him to write on their behalf on many occasions.

When he was in class IX, with his friend’s help, he wrote a poem and submitted it in poetry.com Early that year, it was selected and copyright was given to him at the age of 16 years. Later he was selected as the semi-finalist and was invited in World poet convention in Washington DC for his poem “Endless Love” in 1996.

Since childhood, two subjects, English and History attracted him a lot. History made him curious and his journey in journalism commenced at the age of twenty in the year 1999.

Later, this resulted in new creativity of writing where he merged his experience with creativity and shared them in his creativity. 

He decided to use my most powerful weapon “a pen” to accomplish his mission, as “a pen is mightier than a sword”.

The purpose of creating this blog is to give a platform to his regular readers and also provide a platform for his mentees where they can add their jewels to this crown named “Blogger by chance”.